St John Lee, near Hexham

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The Revd Jeremy Thompson, Rector of St John Lee, near Hexham, remembers Peter and his legacy, with gratitude:

Peter’s sudden and untimely death was a shock for the whole congregation. He had been a long time, very faithful and much loved member and had played a very full part in the life of the church. He had been a member of the PCC and had a particular desire to see lay participation grow and the mission of the church reach out into our community.

Peter had been a very thoughtful man and in his generosity had left the church a very generous gift. Peter outlined two stipulations in his will to enable his gift to be used in the spirit with which he lived his life and with which he gave it. Peter wanted his gift to be useful; to be used for pastoral and mission projects and to make a difference to people’s lives.

Peter's Legacy supports Pastoral Initiatives


Quite often a mission initiative has been suggested and we've said,

“That's the kind of thing Peter’s gift would pay for.”


And it has ... enabling members of our congregation to grow in discipleship, or for an event to take place that might otherwise not. 

In the last few years, Peter's gift has made a huge difference to the church supporting pastoral initiatives like our embryonic Messy Church when it was just starting up; paying for training for members of our Local Ministry Development Team and for our curate, and making loans to families in need.

We thank Peter for his generosity.

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