St Mary's Church, Fordingbridge

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St Mary’s Church, Fordingbridge is part one of seven churches within the Avon Valley Partnership Benefice on the Western edge of the New Forest, UK, in the Diocese of Winchester.

Roy was organist and choirmaster at St Mary’s Church in the 70’s and even after he moved to Berkshire, Roy used to travel down to Fordingbridge every Friday evening for choir practice and returned on a Sunday evening for Evensong. He was also a senior scout with the 1st Fordingbridge Scouts in the late 40s and early 50s.

Roy had informed the PCC that he had remembered ‘his beloved St Mary’s’ in his will, but they were amazed when the legacy received was £640,000 for general purposes.

The Roy Lillington Legacy

The Revd Canon Gary Philbrick spoke of the incredible opportunity but also significant challenge Roy’s legacy presents "because through Roy’s generosity in leaving his estate to us, we don’t want to reduce our own generosity – either in our own planned giving, or in the other areas of fundraising for Church and charity.

We should see it as a gift, and as a means of investment in the future, not a replacement for our own generosity."

Roy had said many times he wanted to support his beloved St Mary’s Church in Fordingbridge. The church fabric, the organ, church pathways, hall and car park, local school and the scouts are just some of the areas St Mary’s PCC are looking to support through Roy’s generosity. They have a lot to pray and think about!





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