St Michael and All Angels, Thornhill

St Michael and All Angels, Thornhill Feature Image

A Church in the new Diocese of West Yorkshire and the Dales has found a unique way of using a legacy, and we were keen to share their story.

St Michael and All Angels, Thornhill, Dewsbury have regular weekly visits from school groups and always found the ones that involved dressing-up were the most popular – but they struggled to find child sized vestments.

So with the use of a small legacy left to them by Mary Thorpe, a former music teacher at the school next to the church, they have been able to commission a full set of child size chasubles and stoles.

Chasubles for Children

 Chasubles Eileen Gaunt is a volunteer who helps to run the Angels Community Café at St Michael’s every Wednesday. Eileen is a very talented seamstress and was put to work on creating these new child-friendly vestments. On Sunday the vestments were blessed and commissioned during the Family Praise Service.

The Rector of Thornhill, the Revd Sue Clarke said: “We hope that through using these vestments and role play the children will enjoy learning about the significance and wonder of the sacraments.”

Pictured with the new child sized vestments are James, Any and Adam.

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