St Peter's, Stockton

St Peter's, Stockton Feature Image

The Parish of St. Peter’s was formed in 1875 out of Holy Trinity Parish, which itself had been carved out of Stockton parish in 1837.  The original church was built of wood, but when the first incumbent arrived, he oversaw the building of the now brick church building which was dedicated on 13 October, 1881.

 A generous legacy left to the Parish of St Peter’s, Stockton enabled them to replace their old, two manual pipe organ in need of restoration, with a new three manual digital organ.

Using the latest technology, Makin Organs supplied a Westmorland Custom Organ to St. Peter's Church, Stockton on Tees. Makin Organs have both live sampling and live reverberation, and have captured the actual reverberation from a number of famous buildings worldwide, including for example Liverpool Cathedral and the Lady chapel.

 Preserving a Choral Tradition

Stockton choir

The strong choral tradition within this church is now able to really flourish. The choir (which has always held a high reputation for its work and has been in existence since 1881 and helped found the Royal School of Chuch Music) and the congregation now worships assured of reliable and enjoyable musical accompaniment.

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