The Church Legacy Service

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The Church Legacy Service allows you to make a difference to the work in your parish and beyond with one simple gift in your Will.

The service enables you to leave multiple charitable gifts in your Will, both to the Church of England and to other charities you hold close to your heart. 

How does it work?

You simply insert one clause into your Will leaving a gift to the Archbishops' Council, accompanied by a Letter of Wishes indicating how you wish your gift to be divided up between different parts of the Church.

For example, you could request that 10% of your estate be given to your local parish church, 5% to your cathedral and 5% to your overseas mission link partner.

The advantage of the Church Legacy Service is that you can change your Letter of Wishes as your wishes change over the years, without having to re-write your Will.

Click here to download a template of our Letter of Wishes for the Church Legacy Service.

We recommend that you discuss this service with your solicitor. 

How do I find out more?

Request a free copy of the Church Legacy Service booklet for further information and explanation.

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